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I'm currently working on Headspace, a CD of original progressive rock music (plus a Rush cover). The CD is being mastered by Andy VanDette, who is best known for working with Rush, David Bowie, and Deep Purple. It's exciting to have someone of this caliber involved with the project.

The picture above is my working blueprint for the album. You can listen to clips from the new album below.



I'm sharing the progress I'm making on the new project through SoundCloud. Click on the link or the picture above to take a listen!


Singles from Headspace are currently available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon:

iTunes  Amazon  You're the One I Can't Live Without

iTunes  Amazon  Sift

iTunes  Amazon  Hindsight

iTunes  Amazon  Mission (acoustic Rush cover)


YouTube Hindsight [official video] (Dyke)

YouTube You're the One I Can't Live Without (Dyke)

YouTube Mission - Rush cover

YouTube In the End - Rush cover

YouTube Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd cover (w/ Matt Schmiesing)

Brandon Dyke


You can also hear samples from Timeless Moments on:

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Hear more samples of Brandon's guitar playing on the Music page.

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